Just returned from the Land of Smiles, and here are some of the photos we took :

View from our hotel in HDR.

Tons of toiletries!!! Between the 5 of us, we filled up the dining table, the dressing table and the toilet with our toiletries, and these are just for traveling.  (O_O)""

Piling my hair into an odango just to beat the weather.
I didn't really backcomb my hair and neither did I use much hair spray.  If I did, I probably could have made it bigger. =p 

After dressing up to go out, everyone started cam-whoring / smsing / tweeting.
Oh and yes yes.... I love CARTOON NETWORK!!!! (^_^;)

Camera.... LIGHTS.... ACTION!!!!!
SUPER AYG!!! ( Guess what that means! ;p )

We went out shopping first.. and its never too HOT to strike a pose.

And while everyone is busy shopping, all you have to do is.... STRIKE A POSE.

We had to board a mini ferry to cross the river to get to the hotel. I was a little freaked out here cos the bridge was swaying
with the currents so Kay kay had to come and hold my hand. 
LOL... I am such a BIG BABY!!!! 

Never one to give up, kaykay was feeling abit under the weather 
but she still did a marvelous job modelling!!!!

When there's a camera, there'll always be..........
Yutaki & Eric

More pics coming soon.....

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tuniez83 said...

You came to Thailand ? Cool