Here is a list of women that guys want to date.... which one are you?


Miss Kawaii is a cute lady who is reminiscent of little girls and these women act cute to attract men.  Men are in turn attracted to their child-like behavior as it boosts his "alpha male complex" through being able to protect these women.


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Miss Sweet Like Honey is the type of woman who is very fragile and dainty.  She is always positive and always happy.  She is very pleasant to be around as she makes the men feel very good about themselves.  Men are attracted to Miss Sweet Like Honey because they make good mothers and wonderful housewives.
*This is the type of girl MOST other women hate!*


Miss Sexy loves sex and she has no qualms about it.  She is a wild spirit and usually gets all the HOT men!  She has the energy to party all night and still be ready for more the next day.  She has an infectious laugh and her skills at flirting are unrivaled.  She makes you feel like a man.  She is exciting and life with her is like a roller coaster.  Of course, you would find her very attractive and sometimes out of your reach.
*This is the type of girl MOST other women are jealous of.*


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Miss Straightforward knows what she wants in life.  She takes the bull by the horns and expects no games.  If she likes you, she would pick you up.  She is able to communicate her feelings to you very well and she expects you to tell her how you feel too.  She is a woman of her words and she might be callous at times but at least you do not get mixed emotions about everything.  She makes you feel like you married your best friend.


3rd August 2011 -  Styled my own hair to make it look more street punkish. 
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Miss I-don't-need-you is the type that needs lots of personal space.  She is independent, successful and does not need a man in her life to fight her battles.  She is her own warrior.  She wants a man in her life but she does not need a man.  She keeps a separate bank account from her partner at all times.  If you are a man that needs your own personal space, then this is the woman for you!


Miss Winning Personality is the life of any party.  She perks up your days and knows exactly what buttons to push.  She is smart and witty and she is a looker, no less.  She ups your status just by being beside you.  Everyone is intrigued by her.  She draws crowds like a magnet, her personality lights up any room.  You like her just because she is so wonderful to be around.


Miss Right is right regardless of age, looks, height, weight, race.  She simply makes you happy.  You are attracted to who she really is and vice versa.  And regardless of what anyone else thinks, this lady is your prize and puts an end to all dating games.

Which personality are you? =)


Michelle said...

Hello did you really topless when you took the second pic ? WOWW

Jacqueline said...

Hi Michelle,
Yup topless. =)