As you all know, I have the most un-tamable, messy, disorganized and thick MANE of hair.  One particular morning, I couldn't take it any more as my stupid hair still stayed in a mess no matter how much serum / styling products I added to it.

I called up Eric and asked him if I should go and do something about my hair and he immediately made an appointment at his salon (Bugis Essensuals) for me.  Usually, I go to either Jean Yip or Shunji Matsuo.  But my favourite hair stylists from both hair salons had either gone overseas or are no longer working.  So, I decided to give Bugis Essensuals a try.

I was initially reluctant because hair salons have spoilt my hair over and over again and I do not want to f*ck it up this time.

Photos before going to Essensuals.
Look like crazy woman, right????

Make-up checked!
Dress checked!
You cannot look truly beautiful without a mane of well-kept hair!!!!!

25th August 2011 -  Nude ruched off-shoulder flare dress from THEBLOGSHOP.
Far East Plaza #03-93. Tel: 68874956
35 Haji Lane. Tel: 63966170

Drove to iluma and parked there and walked over to Bugis Essensuals.
I decided to don on my ah ma hairband and
tie my hair up in order not to scare people to death.

25th August 2011 -  Nude ruched off-shoulder flare dress 
and nude wedges from THEBLOGSHOP.
Far East Plaza #03-93. Tel: 68874956
35 Haji Lane. Tel: 63966170

Upon arriving at Bugis Essensuals,
Bryan Teo - the director started examining my hair.
He started shaking his head and sighing.
LOL.... FHL because he has to come up with a
plan to save my hair! =p
p/s: I always don't comb my hair for like 10 days or so.... lol...
*slaps self for being so lazy*

Look at the amount of different colors there are on my hair....
AT LEAST 10 different shades of blonds in my hair!
Bryan has been sighing and telling me to take better care of my hair. lol... =p

The 2 babyboys telling the peeps what type of hair I would love to have!
And I'm feeling so loved by them!!!
Even Eric became so hands-on and help me blow dry my hair.

Yutaki was telling me: "Eh your hair color so much healthier now!!!!"
And I'm making a monkey face at him.... lol...

Some pics of my new hair color.

Looking a lot younger and more refreshed. In fact, I also look fairer!
The true hair color would be revealed in about a week's time after
a couple of washes. And I am very grateful to Bryan and his team
for such a wonderful job done! I'll be going back to them next week for
a treatment session. OMFG I simply can't wait!!!! =D

26th August 2011 - Mint ruched dress &
oversized polka dot ribbon hair clip from THEBLOGSHOP.
Far East Plaza #03-93. Tel: 68874956
35 Haji Lane. Tel: 63966170