1) Don't chat up RANDOM GIRLS online.
Please use your fucking brains, if you can chat up random girls online, the females can also allow random guys online to get her numbers. You can play your stupid WOW / online games, but you don't need to be THAT friendly to the females there.

2) Don't guilt trip your current partner.
I don't care if your stupid EX washes your clothes and folds them. DON'T compare your current gf with your exes! OR even if your ex stead gives you the best BJ in the world, what do you want your gf to do? Ask your ex to suck for you la!

3) Don't flirt not especially in front of your partner.
I don’t stereotype the ladies when I say I don’t really care if my man goes out and flirts with other girls when I’m not around, but, dude, don’t do it in my face. Wait a minute, actually I do care. If you need to pump up your ego—you know, remind yourself you can still pull a girl—by all means, don’t let me stop you. But do it on your own time. Or I may get all up in someone’s face, and that won't be a pretty sight.

4) Don't lie to us.
I'm sorry but a woman's sixth sense is SUPER strong and powerful. We can smell out a lie a mile away. Don't lie to us because once the trust is broken, you are going to have a hard time getting it back!

5) Don't tease us about our love handles or stuff that we are insecure about.
We don't tease you about the size of your penises, so stop teasing us. We are already insecure as it is, we do not need more jibes at our insecurity thank you v much!