Everyone I meet these days would come up to me and say : "OMG!!! You have lost so much weight!"

Yes yes yes, I have lost the weight of a sack of rice in 2 weeks. I'm not going to tell the exact numerical number though, for fear that everyone who is reading my blog would suddenly ask me what my actual weight is. LOL.... Sssshhhh its a secret ok!!!

I've received quite a few emails about it, seems like many of you girls out there would like to know how I managed to lose so much weight?


I've started detoxing my body.  I started a 5 day FAST.  FOR 5 entire days, I did not eat anything at all except fruit blends / fruit juices and laxative tea.

I buy about $130 worth of fresh fruits for the 5 days, and make my maid cut them up and store them in the freezer.  Every morning, she would take some of the fruits out and blend them with Meiji collagen powder for me to consume.  I do this for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the FIRST 5 DAYS.  The laxative tea which I am using is 21st Century herbal slimming tea which is readily available in Watson's.  I only take 1 satchel a day for 5 days.

Types of fruit blend that I personally like:
1) Fresh Mango frozen slices + Marigold orange juice + collagen powder
2) Fresh frozen blueberry + soya bean milk + collagen powder
3) Fresh strawberry frozen cubes + soya bean milk + collagen powder
4) Fresh raspberry frozen slices + honey + soya bean milk + collagen powder

Everything is with collagen powder because I am VERY VERY SCARED of aging.  Like crazily obsessed with finding the latest and best way to maintain whatever remaining youth I have left.

Also, please don't go crazy detoxing yourself for more than a month.  I do not want to read about YOUR DEATH in the newspapers with the headline : 'Girl dies from crazy crash diet.'  And the subheader would be: She read all this from www.babelicious-me.com LOL GG TO ME THEN

If you feel faint or discomfort when detoxing, please please STOP ok?  Knowing when to stop is crucial so that you'll slim down 'healthily' without dying.

Exercise moderately!!!!

Please please please don't tell me you are too lazy to exercise BECAUSE I OF ALL PEOPLE is the mother of all pigs.  I am too lazy to even walk within my own condo, I would drive to the next block where the gym is. hahahahah Damn horrible, I know. ;p I am lifting weights now. The weights I am using are from NIKE and they are 1kg each.  I do very repetitive and fast movements so that I do not gain mass, but rather it burns fat on my arms.

I would do 100 sets of arm raises everyday.  Takes me about 5 mins.

And I would entertain my boyfriend by doing 10 squats a day so that he wouldn't keep bugging me about exercising my legs.  LOL....

On top of that, I have a trampoline at home.  I jump on it for about 200 times a day to increase my metabolic rate. This takes me about 15 mins at most. I would usually do 50 every hour or so.

Secret weapons!!!!

I go for velashape to shape up my butt.  I have photos to prove the immediate positive effects of velashape but its "obscene" photos of my butt, SO... unless I get about 10 comments promising me that you girls will not judge me, I would not be showing my butt pics on my blog.  LOL.... The immediate effect is about 10% less fats on each area.  And it is very very obvious to my friends and family. Everyone who saw me after each velashape session would go crazy asking me for my weight loss techniques.

Velashape is used by Kim Kardashian to help her tone her butt and thighs as well.

I copied this from the velashape website : VelaShape™ is the only FDA cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas in as little as 4 treatments. 

Find out more at www.velashape.com

Alas, I still have 1 last secret weapon but I cannot share this with you.  As this would get me into alot of trouble and have tons of backlashing thrown in my face.  Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a very open and sharing person . I would blabber on and on about what I do to look chio, what I do to slim down, what I do to stay young etc etc etc.  But I can't reveal this on a public blog, so if you ever see me in person, maybe then you can ask me about it ;)

Wishing all you girls the best in slimming down fast!


V said...


is it working for you? Is there like a drastic difference? And where do you do your velashape at? Is it expensive?

I dont think you really need the weight loss though. You're beautiful. :)


Jacqueline said...

The collagen is from Watson's.
Looks like this : http://thejapanoutlet.com/Meiji-Collagen-Powder-28-Days-P1660016.aspx

To me, it is fantastic, because no one can guess my actual age. LOL....

Velashape is priced at around $1k per session, most ppl need about 4 only. =)

Tqtq so much love1 =)

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know where u go for velashape treatments?is the treatment available in Singapore? I'm gg to deliver in 2 mths time n I can't wait to do more research to prep myself for the slimming regime now. >.<

If It's nt convenient to post here, perhaps can email me at wish4ver@yahoo.com.sg?

Thank you! You'll be a savior. ;)

Jacqueline said...

Hi babe, I do not have a cheap and good local doctor to recommend. I always do my velashape at BKK yanhee hospital. =( The last velashape session i tried wasn't as effective as the one I did at yanhee.

wshan said...

Hi! :D pleaseee share your very last secret weapon on how to lose weight!!!

and omg, i love your blog!!! your honesty, your openness about plastic surgery, EVERYTHINGGGGGG!!!!

Neha Bhatt said...

I want to ask you one think, i am also planning to do velashape at Bangkok yanhee hospital, is it good and effective and will it reduce and shape my body?

Neha Bhatt said...

I want to ask you one think, i am also planning to do velashape at Bangkok yanhee hospital, is it good and effective and will it reduce and shape my body?

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Neha Bhatt :

it is effective in melting away fats but you have to go on a diet as well.