Okok, More photos from Melissa Faith Yeo's photo shoot done by THEBLOGSHOP.  This set of photos are from my Olympus Pen EPL-2.

I super love this photo, so serene.

Who says modeling is an easy job? Melissa had to lie on the grass and get bitten by ants and other bugs for this shot!

Plus, modeling in the hot sun!!!!! OMG!( ̄へ ̄)OMG!   
Oh.... btw, if you are wondering where I am.. I am hiding under the shade with an umbrella. 
Hello, the sun is your skin's worst "AGER"!!! The more exposed you are to the sun, the faster you are going to age. So, me being kiasu, I had to hide myself from the sun as much as possible. =p

Another photo which I love... So artistic!!!

Random Photography of the surroundings... Bright blue skies and silhouettes of buildings. =)

Showing Melissa a photo for her to vet through.

One last picture before I run out the door! =)