Today's topic deals with losers.  A loser here will be defined as he/she who does not adhere to social norms when it comes to tact, politeness and general ethics.  Language will not be edited so as to have maximum impact.  Language meant for maximum impact are in italics.

LOSER TYPE 1: The Coward

I'm sure many of you have encountered these fucking bitches who love to act like they're on top of the world, oh-so-beautiful, exceedingly wealthy or blindingly successful.  Let's profile them; these retarded individuals bitch openly on their twitter pages, speak loudly amongst their friends, or would go so far as to shout at people over the phone.  They spend all their money on a few branded items, most probably a handbag and a wallet, and then strut around with pride, desperately trying to gain approval from their peers and friends.  They have flaws in their faces (also referred to as a face problem), but they can't afford cosmetic surgery, so they strut around trying to look good but being painfully unaware of the failed facade they have tried so dearly to put up.  

Before you comment about my statement on having facial flaws, let me just say that this wouldn't be something that mattered UNLESS you're trying to act like you are oh-so-pretty when you have serious Mongolian folds or a protruded mouth.  

We all know that particular coward who fits this profile, so let me say this in the hard, cold truth to an arbitrary individual: dear Z, your "car" isn't really a car, your "car" isn't really your car but your mom's, your "business" isn't really all that big, you need double eyelids, your makeup skills need improvement, you really aren't that pretty, you don't really look good enough to warrant that spoilt-brat behavior, and lastly, you're really just a little girl trying to act like a grown-up, so it'd really be better just to act your age and stop being the bitch you are.  

These are facts.

LOSER TYPE 2: The Insecure

They say humans to some extent are all insecure, so I really am referring to the ones who inflict their insecurity upon others through meanness and by being generally unpleasant to be around.

These people are absolutely mean.  They will claim to be your friend, but walk right over you.  They'll talk nicely but take advantage of every small deed you do for them.  When you're nice to them, when you go out of your way for them, they'll go beyond you and regard your privilege rendered to them as an entitlement that they should receive from you all the time.  To people that aren't their friends, they're polite, but scrooges, they'll tweet and rant and blog about charity and honorable causes, but don't donate a single cent.

And at the end of the day, you'll see them asking publicly and openly: "Why do people treat me like that?  I'm really a nice person.. really!"

Seriously, B, if you need to ask that, you're blind.  And retarded.  But we all know that already.  In fact, you're so blind you don't even know your own business partner complains about what a supreme bitch you are.  Plus, you're really ugly (if you notice, the word is not in italics, and as such it isn't an insult, it's stating a fact) so perhaps it might do you some good hiring a model rather than always complaining. Really?!  No one's impressed.

LOSER TYPE 3: The Jealous

"Of all the sins, envy is easily the worst because you can't even have any fun with it.  It's a total net loss." -Charlie Munger

I'd like to add, jealousy is even worse because it shows everyone the emptiness of your character.  It's pathetic, really.  

Have you ever had that "friend" who always needed to one-up you?  No matter what achievements you've attained or proud moments you have, they NEED, ABSOLUTELY NEED to say that they've done something better than you, or put you down, or just have bad things to say about you in general, and not in the constructive criticism kind of way.  

These people are the bowels of society.  I don't mind taking criticism from someone who's obviously more successful.  But if you would notice, the successful ones are always the encouraging ones; the losers are always the mean ones.  They have to be mean because they lead miserable lives; they're so miserable that they are jealous of anyone and everyone who has a taste of success or happiness, and they must, ABSOLUTELY MUST ruin all form of happiness so as to ensure that everyone is on the same piss poor level as them. 

V, I have nothing to say to you.  Your actions are seen by the world, your childish antics evident, and your jealousy of my success never clearer.  To quote Melissa Faith Yeo, "I am the girl you will never become; I am the girl you will never get."  Keep trying, sister, you'll see the light one day, but the light is shining from the star that is me.

Do you face such people in your lives too?  Tell me, I'd love to hear more!


小J said...

Aiyo I love your blog lah~ haha! Pardon I only knew your existance yesterday when one of my readers commented about you^^

Everyone has these losers and jealous and fake ppl around you lah~ So I am not surprise one who meet lots of this kinda fake people sadly :-(

Fyi, I back read your blog until here and your blog is one of the few I ACTUALLY READ!

Haha~ Great contents anyway^^
Drop by my blog someday give me some comments of improvement :-P

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Thanks babe!!!!!! Would do! =)))))) Have an awesome week ahead babe!