5 ways to immediately appear slimmer :

1) Every woman should own a pair of Spanx!
It helps to keep your fats IN, makes your bodyline smoother and slimmer under them herve ledger dress!

2) Cellulite on women is normal!
I just go to one velashape session a month to smoothen those cellulite and firm up my BIG BUTT!

3) Feeling fat?
Replace one meal a day with tons of water and fruits. Try to make that meal dinner!

4) Volumize your hair.
THE LARGER your hair, the smaller your body would look! Curl your hair with tongs then fluff it out or use a diffuser when blow drying your hair. Or if you have very little hair, crimp the roots of your hair before you style it.

5) Always wear your heels!!!
High heels helps you to tone your calves, your butt and your thighs. It also elongates your legs so you appear slimmer!

These are the ways I use myself. Tell me your ways to appear slimmer too!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

1) Not eat after 7pm :)
2) Eat a decent breakfast, cereal also can? With a glass of milk.
3) Lunch, eat salad.
4) Dinner, replaced with fruits and nuts.
5) Exercise.
6) Eat heels.
7) Curl hair inwards, so it frames my face.


Princessa said...


Wear clothing that fits your body shape instead of what you think is nice. If you're stumpy, avoid loose fits, it makes you look shorter and fatter!