8th July 2011 -  Sequinned black tube dress from Hong Kong.

Crazy drama-filled night clubbing with kaykay, yutaki & eric.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Rules of clubbing... 

Rule #1: Dress fabulously. You can dress slutty just don't BE A SLUT!!! Shake off your inhibitions within, strut with confidence and make heads turn!!!!

Rule #2: Don't ever lose yourself in alcohol unless you have friends with you.

Rule #3: Dance like no one's watching.  Shake that booty, baby!

Rule #4: If the whole club is full of ugly people, drink more, they'll start to look better.  But pay attention to Rule #2!

Rule #5: Have your own dance moves so that your friends don't think you're a dork.

Rule #6: You need at least one sober friend.

Rule #7: Make a statement people!!! Learn from YAN KAYKAY, take off your heels and dance on the sofa!

Rule #8: Always go to the toilet with that sober friend.

Rule #9: Don't TUI (Tweeting Under the Influence). NO Booty tweeting & NO drunk tweeting!!!!  You might regret later.

Rule #10: Don't be in a rush to go back with the first person you meet, you gotta see him in bright light first!

Rule #11: Always always wear comfy shoes.

Rule #12: Get into fights, it's all about expressing yourself! If someone touched your boobs while you are dancing, shout at them or better yet, give them an uppercut just like how your muay thai instructor taught you.

Rule #13: If you don't like the song, but your friends love it, just fake your way through the song! Nod your head in delight or do the left-shoulder-right-shoulder dance. Don't waste your energy shaking your booty to a lousy song! Save that energy for your favourite song!!!

Rule #14: If you are drinking, don't drive! Just cab la! Don't kill yourself or maim a friend or worse kill a stranger!!!! Wtf, please be considerate. I don't drink at all so I can drive.

As for me, I don't go to clubs to get drunk because I have really really LOW tolerance for alcohol and get dead drunk easily. Usually I would be sipping coke / green tea / water, ya ya I may seem boring to you peeps, but better SOBER and in control than DRUNK and pulling on a friend's hair right?

I don't go to clubs to get some. To me, there is absolutely ZERO value in hooking up in the club, most of the men in the clubs are there to get some ass, do you think they would love you and take care of you? I would say absolutely not. When the light goes on, and your make-up goes off, they would be "freaked" and make their getaway which would only result in you getting your heart broken. ABSOLUTE WASTE.OF.YOUR.TIME!

I go to clubs to have good clean fun. TO SHAKE my big butt and BURN SOME FATS. Hitting the gym is BORING. Zzzzzz..... Swimming is tiring plus, the chlorine is really bad for my already damaged hair. Joggingg makes your thighs and calves even larger. BUT clubbing makes you burn calories and shake off those excess love handles. The more you shake, the more you lose. For every hour that you are shaking that booty, you are burning up to 430 calories!!! Jogging for an hour loses you 495 calories. So that ain't too bad plus you are having fun dancing! Everytime I club, I freak my friends out a little, because I would be very excited to start jumping and pulling them to the dance floor even before they have their first drink.

Take heed to these rules and you can have a great time at any club! =)