Unlike most of the country, I found myself not following the Election Results on live TV, but rather, on my computer, engaging in the regular stock trading I partake in every night (since our night time is the USA's day trading time).  Perhaps that act alone is telling of my attitude toward the Elections and the political scene in Singapore.  Be advised though, I don't imply ignorance, I merely feel that I'd rather be spending the time making big bucks than to sit in front of a TV for hours to hear a result I could read about in the morning.

So came morning and I am hardly surprised to see the results.  Yes, the PAP may have lost Aljunied, but they've repossessed Potong Pasir.  Much ado has been made about the areas 'won' and 'lost'.  Nevertheless, one needs to look beyond the immediate and what the future may bring.  I've detailed several reasons why I think the PAP deserves my vote.

Disclaimer: I do not dare say that I have made a fair judgment and neither do I dare claim crystal clear discernment over the ideologies presented by the numerous parties. 

1. Fact: Singaporeans want "the best" for themselves.  They want a first-world country, they want to live rich, they want to have an upper-class lifestyle.
  Might I ask, then, how is one to obtain such a lifestyle if the government is working on "not so much GDP growth, but wage growth and better quality of life".  Yes, individuals would then experience a greater income, but all around one would see a substandard environment with none of the luxuries that a first-world society would bring about.  To even consider such a thought is terribly foolish.  Evidently, one should be in control of one's wealth and ability to live the life they want to.  For example, I could spend my time watching all the debates and rallies of the Elections and then go to a coffee shop, moan and groan about how terrible this government is to us, about how the cost of living is so high, about how the government "favors" rich people, or, wait for it.... wait for it.... I could go trade shares, close business deals, and generally make so much money that the cost of living is hardly a concern.  Hey, the truth is always painful, and these people are always going to be complaining about the same things regardless of which party is governing.  TO THE DETRACTORS: If you want to live for free, move to a welfare state.  We're thankful our government isn't wasting our resources on useless individuals like yourself.

2. Fact: Singaporeans want "affordable housing".  Firstly, "affordable" and "cheap" don't mean the same thing.  PAP has done an excellent job by providing appropriately affordable housing for all, especially with the income ceiling imposed upon various forms of HDB housing flats.  Get this right; we live on an island with a shortage of land.  There is no chance that there will be cheap housing available with the immense lack of land we face, to provide an excess supply of housing flats.  Also, the incessant whining of those grieving the high cost of private housing simply annoys me.  I refer to my above point (1) about making your own money to afford what you want.  I know many who own condominium units despite the "unaffordable prices".  Hell, I've even met a FLOOR BUYER.  Private housing prices come about as a result of demand exceeding supply, and that has nothing to do with the government.  Simple economics; if you find yourself blaming the government for this, a word of advice would be to spend that time thinking of how you can afford your dream home rather than finding someone to blame.  TO THE DETRACTORS: If you want cheap housing, move to a third world country.  Any move towards a semblance of a welfare state would result in an eventual implosion like the US Economy in its current state.

3. Fact: Singaporeans want "high-paying jobs".  I've noticed everyone talking about how foreign talent (or labor) has gradually taken over roles intended for local citizens, resulting in a lack of jobs for Singaporeans.  Let's see, the Workers' Party insinuates that "low wage workers' wage supplements should have higher cash components".  Instead of looking at these workers, why don't we shift the focus a little, to their EMPLOYERS.  Get this: business is about profit.  Any semi-intelligent employer's main goal is to increase productivity at a lower cost.  Now, let's observe local citizens.  Often spoilt, unwilling to work hard, but with an expectation of excessive benefits and high pay.  Now compare that to the scores of foreign workers, willing to work twice as hard at half the cost, and it is immediately evident why unrealistic Singaporeans are so undesirable as employees.  TO THE DETRACTORS: Oh yes, blame the PAP again, but keep in mind they've already put in place policies that demand a quota of Singaporean employees before a company can employ foreigners.  Be glad for that, for if such a thing should not be in place, any employer would immediately fill all vacancies with foreign talent (or labor).  I tell it like it is - shut up and work harder before you bemoan losing your job to your China counterpart.  

The PAP has done a great job, with more positives that allow one to overlook the negatives.  The country is a prosperous one, and a brilliant one at that.  I'm glad the right people are in place to continue growing this country, with foresight and a good plan for the future, rather than shortsighted fools who think the solution to progress and prosperity is providing short-term solutions to appease their biggest supporters: the poor, the lazy, and the incompetent.


zann said...

nice post !

Jacqueline said...

thanks zann, do you agree with the views i've put forth? =)

for others who are interested in commenting, please don't do so as "Anonymous" because I'd just read that as "Detractor". I'll respond if you're into an intellectual discussion, and not just a dissing game.

les said...

good post . Some places people need to get 2 jobs in order to survive.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with your observation.

Quit wasting time complaining about everything that appears out of reach. Instead, put all that energy to work, make your money and make them yours.

Xiaxue said...

Fucking love your post babe. Especially the last sentence!

Jacqueline said...

<3 <3 Buying stuff for you from Korea - Land of the boring... lol.. =p