If you follow my blog, you'd have seen my pictures on my last trip to South Korea.  Well, I'm back to Seoul again for a short break!  This time with Kaykay ;)

Some things I've noticed about Seoul; they've got an insanely high standard of living, the air is surprisingly fresh, and the people here seem to have OCD when it comes to health and cleanliness, which is superb for me since I'm a stickler for disinfection and sparkling clean surroundings.

The list goes on for many things that I have come to like about this country, but one of the biggest blocks is definitely the language.  The syntax is noticeably different from other foreign languages, and the characters seemingly do not follow any thread of logic of English or even Chinese. 

As for the food, the level of healthiness is unmatched (in my opinion).  Most foods are oil free and the soups that they serve are so clear and yet delicious!  The last two days saw us trying out their seasonal trend, pan-fried cuisine.  Of course we have that in Singapore too, like Seoul Garden or other hotplate-type restaurants, but the ones here are completely different, because they use fiery charcoal as the heat source rather than gas-fueled flame from stoves, like they do in Singapore.  The result is a more evenly cooked meal rather than overcooked or burnt food!  Plus, the Koreans are so hygienic that they insist on changing the metal plate the moment any signs of black carbon appear.