The thing about birthdays when I was younger, is that I couldn't wait for them to come. Now that I am older, I can't wait for the birthdays NOT TO COME. I try not to remember my own birthday. (Yes yes I also "try" not to remember my birth year.) Every year for the past 5.5 yrs, I forgot my own boyfriend's birthday until he reminds me. lol FHL max. I forget his birthday because his birthday is 4 days before mine. You see how it is now, right?

So on 9th April 2011, 2 days before the boyfriend's birthday, I decided to do some corny old shit. I handmade a birthday card for him and lit some candles in the shape of a heart and surprised him. But, this is obviously an OLD SCHOOL routine.

So, I devised more ways for you to surprise your other half!!! And in the process, saving you precious time from thinking what to do on that special day =)

Here are my favourite ways of surprising your other half : 

1) Buy glow-in-the-dark stars and stick them on the ceiling of your bedroom to form the words : 'I LOVE U.' And when the lights go down, your message will be revealed.

2) Buy the domain name of your partner's name and put up 101 reasons of WHY you love them. Set it on their laptop or desk top as the home page.

3)Buy a beautiful mirror and attach a card saying : "In this present, you'll forever see the most beautiful person in my heart."

4)Take the book which your partner is reading and HIGHLIGHT letters in the book to form the sentence : I LOVE U. Or just to form whatever message you want to tell them.

EG: I have serious reason to believe that the planet from which the little
prince came is the asteroid known as B-612.

    This asteroid has only once been seen through the telescope. That was
by a Turkish astronomer, in 1909.

    On making his discovery, the astronomer had presented it to the
International Astronomical Congress, in a great demonstration. But he was
in Turkish costume, and so nobody would believe what he said.

5)Take a piece of paper and draw you and your partner as stick figures, write a small : "I Love You message". Place these into an envelope and write : ATT TO XXXXXX and mail it out to your loved one.

These should be helpful to those who inadvertently have to think of last minute ideas to surprise your loved one (not that you should let them know that it's last minute, lol).  But then again, you don't need to have a reason to shower your love with such attention.  Maybe do it today, don't wait till his/her birthday!