14th April 2011 - Mesh sleeved U-back dress and clutch from SOCIALITE
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Brown DM23 contact lens; Thefaceshop BB cream; Eyelash extensions that were so horribly done, my eyes are all red. FML max.

At Sands Theatre - going to watch Lion King.

At Sands Theatre - going to watch Lion King.

It's not allowed but I snapped 2 photos. =p


After which, Kay kay and the guys surprised me at Holland Village's Crystal Jade. I make it a point not to celebrate my birthdays because I really don't want to grow old. Yes yes, I'm in denial. To me, no birthdays = FOREVER YOUNG.

But I feel so loved by them. =) Plus, the smses / whatapps / bbms from friends wishing me happy birthday really warms my heart.

And if you haven't watched Lion King you totally should go!!!!

One incident at Lion King though :

A group of 20++ Indians were seated 2 rows behind me, throughout the play, they kept wolf whistling, WOOOooo-ing, cat calling and singing to the lyrics LOUDLY.

This american couple seated behind me were very annoyed and upset because they were unable to enjoy the show. I was abit irritated ( as usual ) but not as annoyed as the american couple who went ahead to argue with the Indians.

During the interval, the amercian couple got really pissed and asked the Indians : "Would you please tone down as I would like to watch the show in silence. Thanks."

Indians :"We are providing extra entertainment. And you could have asked more politely."

American couple *whispering to each other* :" Go back to the third world please."

Moral of the story, when you are at a play, please behave yourselves. How rude is it to sing to the play and affect other consumers beside you? We did not pay $7.50 for a movie ticket, each play ticket is at least $100. We would very much like to watch the play without cat calls or wolf whistles. If we had wanted the latter, we'll have gone to a renovation site.

After the interval, the american couple went to the ushers and requested for a seat away from the Indians. And poor me, I had to endure the entire play with WOoooooos...... "hakuna matata lyrics in indian accents..." and more cat calls.


Kristofer said...

I have heard good things about this show. Hope it is still on at the Sands when I head over. Unfortunate that there was so much noise coming from the folks sitting behind you. Although I'm amazed that the noise from 20+ sing-a-longs didn't get them thrown out.

Jacqueline said...

I hope they r still selling the tix to this show. =)