Sabrina asked me to do a leopard nail tutorial so here goes :

End result :

After cutting your nails, filing it into the preferred shape, you coat your nails with a top coat. 
Normally, you'll have to use base coat but I don't have any at home. 
I do my nails professionally at the manicurist at BKK. =)

Choose the colors which you want as the base color ( I chose light shimmery pink), leopard spots ( I chose neon highlighter pink) and outline for the spots
( I chose black).

To do this tutorial, I randomly got my maid to buy any brand of nail polish in the colors I wanted.

Apply the base color, I only coated one layer as I wanted the focus to be on the leopard spots.

Once the base color is dry, I randomly dotted on neon highlighter pink. The dots do not need to be regular. You can just dot them on unevenly, it doesn't matter.

Get some toothpicks and prepare the outline for the leopard spots. In the meantime, let your nails dry.
I used a hairdryer to help me. It took about 5 mins for my nails to be completely dry.

Use the toothpick dap into a small amount of black nail polish and outline the pink spots which you created earlier.

This is how it'll look like if done correctly.

Continue finishing up the other nails.

When you're done, apply top coat. VOILA.... leopard nails in less than 15 mins. =) 

Here's a youtube version using shimmer pigment instead of nail polish to create the spots.

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You heard of the whole Peter Coffin vs Xiaxue saga, right? Well... he's decided to attack you too:

He found out about you through stalking Wendy's twitter, lol. Fucking sad, right?