After seeing Wendy's (xiaxue) damn chio pink net-book, I decided to try it out on my macbook air.
Yaya I know this has made my macbook air depreciate in value, but it doesn't matter because I'm 
not intending to resell it.

First step, add araldite adhesive to the area you want to bling.
I am using the blue tube araldite adhesive which will not dry for an hour.

Step 2 : I used a paris theme for my macbook air, therefore the pendants and vintage key charms.
You can use anything you want.

Step 3 : I randomly dropped crystals on the area with glue. 

Step 4 : I continuously fill up the area with glue with random crystals and flat-back pearls.

Step 5 : After all the crystals are in place, there is some areas which are not covered and bits of glue can be seen. I poured glitter powder the entire surface and allowed it to dry overnight. 
The next morning, I dusted off the excess glitter powder and coated the crystals and glitter powder with protectant which I use for ANGELICIOUS CREATIONS.

The end result.  Touche!
My star-studded Macbook Air.

17th March 2011 - Mustard pleated dress from THEBLOGSHOP
35 Haji Lane Tel:63966170.
Far East Plaza #03-93 Tel:68874956

17th March 2011 - Mustard pleated dress from THEBLOGSHOP
35 Haji Lane Tel:63966170.
Far East Plaza #03-93 Tel:68874956


Anonymous said...

Hi whr do u buy those thingy for ur macbook?

Jacqueline said...

Kin Lee. 109 Arab Street Singapore 199805. Phone: +65 62911411. =) They are my friends. =)