(Hong Kong local designer dress, hair by Cut & Curl Thailand)

Been some time since I last wrote because I've been travelling quite a bit lately, with our new stores in Thailand and all.  Now to update!  As mentioned before, THE LAMBORGHINI TEST DRIVE!  

The verdict: it's mind-blowing!  It handles so smoothly, like a BMW, just infinitely lower and about 5 seconds faster when it comes to the 60-mile mark.  "Love at first sight" are all the words that I can think of to describe the experience.  I'm certainly inspired to "take the Bull by the horns" (hehehehe)

Next!  SAUCEINK's fashion show and tea party held at THEBLOGSHOP.  It was an overwhelming crowd and I really appreciate all who came to make the event such a success, especially Edmond (you know it wouldn't have been what it had been without you), and Sabrina's hard work and dedication.  Of course not to forget Sylvia's AWESOME COOKIES (I will one day capture you and lock you in my kitchen to bake cookies all day MUHAHA) and Deadpris' sandwiches which aren't really made by her (;p).

Looking forward to a great Christmas this year!

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Brian said...

Nice car, need to go lease one for a few days and check it out.