(TheBlogShop satin dress, Korean heels, Loewe Amazona bag, hair by Cut & Curl, makeup by M.A.C)

As mentioned before, off to Bangkok, Thailand for my friends' events!  

Woody's new launch of a handbag line came first but I was unfortunately taken ill, and Chew had to go on my part.  Held at the new and revamped CentralWorld, it was a huge blast and he pretty much had lunch and photos with every major actress and model in Thailand, an experience he should have thoroughly enjoyed.  I think there should have been at least 5 TV Stations and 10 Magazines covering the event.  Fashion styles in Thailand are WILD and they certainly are creative in their dress-sense, mixing and matching to the point of creating their own style.  Congrats to you Woody, I certainly am sorry for not being able to attend, but see you soon =)

It certainly isn't easy coordinating timings with Thai actresses with their busy schedules and all, but it was somehow fortunate that I found time to have a nice meal with Elle over having my nails done up at her new salon, SayLeb, which is a pun on the term "Celeb", because..... well Elle is a celebrity after all ;)

The grand opening of her nail salon at Tree Square was intense with a full-blown fashion show and a veritable who's-who list of Thai people in attendance.  Most notably Dong Af3 with his cooool dance moves!  Hope you're enjoying your shisha now, Elle ;)