It was a beautiful sight to behold, the National Museum of Seoul; the vastness of the entire complex was apparent throughout my walk from the gate to the actual museum itself.  The journey took almost 15 minutes, having had to walk through tree-lined pathways and to cross a lake (practically a moat surrounding the entire complex).  Imagine just how many historical treasures could be kept in a building that large!  I was not disappointed; towering structures (real carved stone) greeted me within the immediate vicinity of the building entrance, and the artwork was breathtaking.  The relics impressed me. 

The overall tour, however, had much to make up for, but that's what I think.  The general journey through time from the start of Korea was fraught with missing pieces and unexplained leaps in time, like records weren't complete.  The biggest magnet to my attention today was the evolution of the Korean language.  Back then, all characters were in CHINESE!  Who'd have thought of that?  It was mentioned that somewhere around the 1400s, the King for no apparent reason decided to change the written language to something more similar to today's Korean.

A popular theory is that, due to the rising conflicts with Chinese Warring states, the change in language would allow them to have an edge over the Chinese, since they would then be unable to interpret what the Koreans were saying.  Wow, conspiracy theory much?

After the history lesson, I went out to a beautiful sunset and got some real shopping done at the Myeong-dong area.   Finished off the day with hot waffles and latte.  Sweet!


Julie. said...

That inspires me! The pictures are so clear!!

Jacqueline said...

hello julie, nice to hear that! =)

thank you, the pictures are only clear cos it's a really good camera, haha =)