"I'll rather do nothing and be HAPPY everyday than do something I know I don't LOVE." -Ashton Kutcher in What happens in Vegas

As we all know Christmas is just round the corner, I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW because we made HUGE plans for the bf's parents' christmas gift. I truly am thankful for the love the bf's parents have showered upon me. I am grateful for all the support they have given to me whenever Angelicious Creations is on the newspapers/ magazines, they are the first to keep the articles for me. And whenever I needed advise I know I can count on them. To show them my gratitude, I planned a HUGE surprise for them tomorrow. *****SUPER EXCITED*****

Happiness is embodied differently in different lives. One should never impose his or her definition of happiness upon others because not everyone wants the same things in life. To me, HAPPINESS is a sense of self-acceptance that I am different and special in God's eyes and embracing MY OWN LIFE. I don't like living the mundane life, I hate the idea of a 9-5 job, and I detest RUBs. I mean its suitable for most people but not for me. I am truly happy now. Life's truly good!!! Let me recount the major milestones this year. :)

I'm very proud of how big Angelicious Creations has grown, now with 3 designers behind the scene and retailing at Isetan, Tangs, and now selected to be part of 25 local designers in the upcoming Parco Next Next Department Store. Not to mention being featured in various magazines and newspapers, most notably in The New Paper, NEW YORK TIMES, i-Weekly and Lifestyle Magazine! Parco's fashion show was simply a blast and I greatly enjoyed preparing my show pieces which were greatly appreciated by the audience =) Being interviewed by Razor TV was a real experience! A BIG Thank You to everyone who came by to support me! There were so many of you and I am simply touched. =) =)

I also thank God for blessing me with creativity! I am proud to have single-handedly designed a new store's logo, played architect for a friend and designed his entire shop layout, and even designed from scratch a website in 3 days! While this may seem like a lot, I must admit that I really enjoyed it and it did not even feel tiresome. In fact I completed all these designs in less than the stipulated time! I'm so proud of myself. =)

Having said that, this year I have come across some travesties of fashion. Sometimes I do wonder how some people can consider themselves 'artistic' or 'aesthetically savvy' when they simply can't meet design deadlines time after time, design 'designs' in default computer fonts, wear the same clothing every day BUT in different colors, and have absolutely no sense of style. Perhaps boring is the trend for 2009 ;) but only for some people, I guess. These people also have friends who seem to have been bitten by their own dogs which, concluding by way of their owners' actions, must be suffering from rabies. Get this: They travel all the way from Australia and threaten random strangers with pouring acid on their faces. Wow! I mean, seriously?! >.<''' If this is what your church is teaching you, why don't you join my church? =)

S., I think you should get a mirror before freely passing out judgments upon others, or even suggesting surgery! I mean, if you were AT LEAST on the top 309857405867405974 of FHM's Hottest Girls, I think your opinion can be at least mildly considered.

Getting back to more worthy topics, I am very appreciative of the support and love that bf's parents have showered, or rather, RAINED DOWN upon me. Especially after clarifying all misunderstandings with bf. I feel so loved by my bf, his parents, my mentors, my furkids, my family, my very supportive customers, and generally EVERYONE AROUND ME!!!! Even Melody has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten but that story will come later. It has been a great year, albeit with small setbacks, but everyone of us has come out better for it. =)

Oh, and I did all these without having look like I aged at all, as I have been told numerous times on separate occasions. Even my regular dermatologist refuses to give me my first experience of Botox. =(

Sometimes I do feel like Superwoman! =) =) God has indeed blessed me with strength and showered me with His love. He has also taken my enemies and let me use them as my footstool. =)

Here's some photos to share :

Behind the scenes of Millenia Walk's fashion show....

Being interviewed by razor tv...... (I recently got braces and am conscious of it.)

Featured in I-weekly with product shots......

Featured in Life Style Magazine (NTUC members get it free!!!)

A 2 page feature.....

On the -14th of Christmas, my bf gave to me....

Random days that bf shows his sweetness, hopefully it'll be the same after marriage.

A wall dedicated to selected designers!!!!! OMG!!!!

At Tangs Orchard.....

Here's wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!