Because I'll be home bound for awhile. I am afraid of going out of the house for fear of contaminating / tearing / bruising my stitches. The doctor told me that I can go out of the house and work as per normal but I am super scared plus the whole area near the stitches is bruised.


I looked at the doctor incredulously when he said at my last review 3 days after the op, "You can go to work already."

Me : "HOW TO?"

Doc : "Alot of my patients also go to work after the operation. But best to stay home rest la."

Me silently thinking to myself: "These people are seriously very pro lor. The bruising area measures around 9cm height by 6 cm wide. I'll go to work after the stitches are removed which is this wednesday. "

But I am still hard at work at home, busy designing and sending new items to ISETAN SCOTTS and TANGS ORCHARD. =)

I've also been trying to get a new PA. Those I have tried so far seriously is very problematic -- Whine about too much to do, having too little to do, whine about almost everything. KILL.ME.PLEASE!

Anyway, I have tons of photos on facebook. Too lazy to load here. Go check them out on FB k. =)