Its the long weekend ahead and I'm sure many of you will be going on a mini holiday this weekend. I cannot leave SG for now because of the 2 little puppies, plus pages upon pages of backlog to complete. I am not whining because I am very excited to finish up the customisations and put smiles on brides-to-be. *crosses my fingers * I really hope they like what I have draft up for them. =)

As little as Melody is, she is one BIG HEADACHE!! She's very obedient and smart but she has a super weak stomach. When she was on Orijen dog food, she started having skin allergies. She was allergic to the high protein in the dog food. Our vet has switched her to Addiction dog food BUT now she is having diarrhea. OMG!!! If she doesn't improve soon, I'll have to switch to either BARF or Abady. Very stressful to handle this kinda food problems, its like you want the best for your child but do not know what is the best for them. The only good thing is that Melody is very very very obedient and does not kick up a fuss unlike some others. *cough my shih tzu cough* =p

Feeling tired after her first grooming session with
Bernard at Genpetstylist

Melody was such a good girl,
she posed for countless of photos with the groomer and
even kissed him. =)

Decals on my living room wall.... nice?! =)

Have a wonderful long weekend people!

Jacqueline =)