This week has been a busy and fruitful week for me. I have launched a whole new collection at 2 places, if you are a fan of Angelicious Creations, you'll already know where the launches were at. =)

Baby and Annabelle just went for their annual blood test and all came out well. Melody is due for her 3rd jab which I have been delaying for almost 5 weeks because I wanted to build her immunity before her 3rd jab. Melody measures 15-16 cm head to tail now. She is very stubborn and only remembers how to sit still when food is displayed before the command is heard. *tsk tsk* lolx... Then there is the toilet training, and she is house broken. She is also a clean freak *coughocbcough* who wouldn't step on her pee and poo. Melody will bark whenever she shits so that we can clear it up asap. Yup, even Melody cannot stand her own shit! =p

A video to share (got this in my email) :

Hahaha...a super smart border collie!!!! =) =)

Enjoy your weekend people!