Hello Everyone,

Mummy is allowing me to blog again. She says that I am a very brave girl because I endured the painful jabs at the Vet and even kissed the doctor who jabbed me. =)

Last weekend, I also experienced my very first top knot and coat oiling. It was not very fun as I like my fur covering my eyes so that I can play peeka-boo!

With my top knot under wraps to prevent breakage.

Mummy asked to open my eyes bigger!!!
Big enough?!

Are you done? I'm sleepy.....

Mummy got a new hp as a surprise gift from Daddy.
I tried calling Daddy on the hp but everyone said that must charge battery.
What is battery?!

Mummy says that I have grown bigger.
I don't really think so, see I'm only 2x the length of a blackberry!

And while I was sniffing at the blackberry, Annabelle Jie Jie is snoring away.
While Baby is pretending to play dead so that mummy will shower her with more attention. =p

I'll be going to puppy kindergarten soon. Mummy says that one more month and I am ready to go to skool. How come I need to go to skool? I already know how to eat, sleep, play, shit, eat, sleep, play, pee.... what more do you need me to learn, Mummy?

This skool thing is all very confusing to me. Oh well....

Till the next time,
Little Melody