Hello everyone, mummy is allowing me to 'guest write' once in a while in her personal blog. So here goes....

I was napping on the sofa and Mummy decided to take a photo of me.
I have grown 4 cm so far and I am slightly longer than a pack of baby wipes. =)

Mummy doesn't allow me to play with my big sisters because she says that Annabelle jie jie might sit on me and squash me to 'death'. But I know Annabelle Jie Jie loves me very much.
I'm playing with my rubber duck, ain't she cute?

Nah I got bored with the rubber duckie and I'm upset that
I am still not allowed to play with my Annabelle Jie Jie.

Mummy gave me my rubber bone to play with but
I would rather use it as a head rest.

Is it time for treats now? Its been AGESSSssss....

I think my sisters should be guest bloggers too, but maybe not because mummy says they sleep 18 hours a day. =p This is so fun I should do this more often!!

Signing off,
Little Melody *wagging her little tail*