One, I've learnt to ignore excuses, MALICE and plain stupidity! (BUT MOSTLY IT IS OF THE LATTER.)

Two, ignore all the things THAT DO NOT MATTER OR ARE ALL MALICIOUS RUMORS FROM A DELUDED HUMAN! (Well, some people and their actions ARE EQUIVALENT to "THINGS" or they are simply deluded and, they simply cannot help it!) =) =) =)

Three, it is useful at times to receive feedback for greater self-awareness. But if those comments remain judging and permanent regardless of the changes we have made, then discard them as not useful. This is only possible if we truly know how we truly feel about ourselves. Remember the only person who can love and understand you most is YOURSELF!

Ask yourself these questions every time you hear something that makes you want to barf:
Do I love me? YES OF COURSE!
Am I proud of me? I am proud to be me. =)
Have I learnt something new? Yes of course, I am reminded time and again there is NO CURE FOR STUPIDITY!
What should you do when you feel upset? TELL YOURSELF WHATEVER... I have everything I could possibly want/need!

And that's all that matters. =) =)

Four, I live in gratitude. Each day can be a different experience with different customers, different inspirations and new activities. There's a time for me to learn. There's a time to be inspired by the beauty around me. There's a time for me to enjoy. There's a time to simply be relaxed and play with Baby / Annabelle and Melody. There's a time to love. There's a time for everything. And as for me, I would rather spend all my time BEING HAPPY AND POSITIVE!!!!

Five, I've learnt to truly flow. I set out with an intention for the amount of investing I would love to have each month and then I let it flow. When the time is right, I enjoy the abundance. When its the lull period, I enjoy the time to pause and do more research. For now, I have stop shorting. =)

Six, I've learnt THE TRUE POWER OF Choice.
On MSN the other day, PP was telling me the concept of a choice is just a choice. When you decide to take the right path over the left path, it is just a choice - plain and simple. No judgment is attached to the choice at all. I am grateful for all the opportunities that come my way and I am glad to choose some over others. =)

What about you? What have you learnt the past week? Has everything been going well for you?

Remember this old adage: "Don't worry be happy!" =) =)

Have a great weekend people!!!