Something cute to share!!!! Nina -- a long time customer emailed this to me. This is SO utterly cute!

I was telling the peeps the other day over dinner why I couldn't buy a hamster. The last time we had a hamster, my schnauzer tried to kill it. Oh no.... =p Schnauzers are bred to be rat catchers if you don't already know this. And Annabelle must have thought that the hamster was a rat. =p

But this little hamster in the photo is very smart or is it digitally enhanced?! The words are oh-so-adept too. It reads : "Never attribute to Malice what can be adequately explained as words from a delusional human!" hahahahhaa... Super cute! =)

I've been having a GREAT day so far... I hope your day ROCKS as well!!!

Cheerios~ =)