This past week has been massive trips to the hospital, and returning for more reviews and even more reviews. Its been SUPER hectic and stressful for me. The next review will be in early July - 3/07/09 to be exact.

Also, we went on another touristy trip the other day for me to unwind and gain inspirations. This round we went to ACM - The Asian Civilisations Museum.

Photos :

In my car on the way there, I'm not driving.
Opps... BUSTED!
I still do not know my way around from this new place. =p

Outside the museum with Sir Stamford Raffles.

Ah... the highlight of this trip. I liked how Kangxi ruled the empire in his time and so this was really why we went to the ACM. =)

A view of Empress place back in 1910.
I LOVE HISTORY, it has been my favourite subject since the secondary school days which was 10 years ago.
OMG..... =p
I especially love the old monuments, china history with its wartime "drama" and all the beautiful furniture in the olden days. =p

I was laughing my head off before posing for this photo. =p
Its the kua and a less drama piece is currently still in use during a chinese wedding. =)

Going down a long winding flight of stairs.

And that's a wrap. =)

Quote of the day :"Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe." --Doug Larson

Have you found your star yet?! =)

Dividers Graphics

p/s: I wanted to record this msn convo with a close friend.

Me : What will you name a black and silver mini schnauzer puppy?

MM : Nightmare.

Me : Wahaahhahahahahhaa....

And I continued laughing till tears were streaming down my face. =p