I just replied 500++++ emails and this is the first time that I received so many emails with such touching words. And it makes everything all worth while. =)

I took a trip down memory lane today after reading the massive amounts of emails and remembered how far I have come and how much each of my customers mean to me. Every single purchase truly meant so much to me, because it showed me that there is a small ray of light at the end of the tunnel. And as the numbers of "fans" grew, the ray of light turned into a spectrum of rainbow. Taking the first step to walk away from an abusive relationship made a 180 degree change in my life. Life has never been better than now. =)

Thank you people.... you do not know how much it really touches my heart when you purchase an Angelicious Creations item! I hope my items puts a smile on your face whenever you received a handmade item by me. =)