I've been swinging between feeling feverish to feeling a-ok for the whole of this week. Other than battling the fever, this week has seen its ups and downs. I've been hard at work clearing all the massive amounts of bridal customisations. I'm not sure but it seems like June is the month to get married. =) Plus, I have been trying very hard to coax my shih tzu aka "Queen of this house" to accept the fact that someone new is coming into our family. She's been giving us a "hell" of a time this week -- having her mood swings and grumbling from day to night and when all else fails, she starts tearing massively! Sigh I hope she'll be on her best behavior tomorrow. =p

Our new family member is coming tomorrow. We're super excited. Daddy will be going for a mini lesson on how to handle our newborn. He is good when it comes to playing but not so fantastic when it comes to cleaning, maintaining the single coat fur, training etc etc. lolx... Good luck tomorrow daddy! =)

And, tomorrow will be a long long day, I have to drop off my laundry at the dry cleaners, bring N'drea for her yearly jab, send new items to Lili, clear more work and start on welcoming our newborn! I hope she likes it at our house! Her name will be called Melody! =)

A little song to share :

p/s : I love J.Lo!!!!! =)