HAPPY LABOUR'S DAY PEOPLE!!!! Its the day to kick back and relax. =)

The Mother's Day event at Wisma is over. I had fun designing; lili, dewayne and kat had fun selling (or so I hope =p) and I LOoooove a good mad rush during all my events. =) =) Thank you people for all your kindness. I appreciate each and every purchase from the bottom of my heart. =)

Anyway, I am designing a new collection for the month of MAY 2009. I hope the items come out as I have envisioned them on sketch.

And on the side note, I was thinking of getting braces but I am afraid of the pain. I have a slight overbite but my teeth are straight and the dentist told me that I would only feel mild discomfort. Plus, I only need to wear the braces for 3 months to correct my overbite. =p I'm still afraid of the pain. =p

I have SUCH A LONG FACE.... =p

Enjoy this little song.... and Have a wonderful weekend people~