I brought my mini schnauzer to the vet for her annual check-up and the vet asked : "Is she pregnant?"

And my reply was: "Nope she's sterilized. "

Lolx... =)

She measures 14 inch head to tail and weighs 6.5kg.
My dearest fatty! =)

Taking a nap in the weirdest place!

Our little maltese -- Melody.
She's 4 months old and measures 10.8 cm head to tail.
She's of show dog quality with a perfect bite and a dead level top line.
They are usually not kept in the cage. My dogs are free to roam the house but Melody is being "quarantined" for now till she is stable and used to the environment. =)
And Belle is just having a ball with Melody. =)

By the way, I am still NOT USED to the new house. Every time, I drive out of this new house, I have issues like : I am fearful of getting lost and not finding my way back and GETTING LOST FOR THE NEXT 50 years. *I know I am exaggerating but you get the idea.*

Just the other day, I drove to Vivocity to grab some groceries and Vivo is just a 5 mins drive away from my place. AND I GOT LOST!!!!!!!! Its super embarrassing too when I forgot to bring my hand phone and was unable to call the bf for directions. The bf was laughing his head off when I told him about the incident after I finally found my way home after 2 hours!!! =p

Ok in case you were wondering, I am living alone with my furkids and housekeeper and usually when I go out of this house, the bf is my chauffer ever since I moved here in the beginning of this year. It didn't used to be the case when I was happily living in the EAST! Anyway I seriously need to "find" my way around asap because I felt rather 'stupid' to be lost in SINGAPORE. OMG!!! ahhahahhahhaa..... =p

P/s: All is well at home now. =) Thank you for the kind words. =)