Today is my birthday and its also Sabrina's birthday!!! =)=) Happy birthday girl!

My uncut birthday cake is still in the fridge. =p

No celebrations for me this year because of the economy. wahahhahaha.......

Anyway Nicole's range of clothing this round is very very pretty!

I have uploaded some of new ones today as Lisa has been really slow at photo shopping the pics. *tsk tsk*

Here are a few of my picks:

I kept one piece for myself...
I'm unable to resist the good quality and great cutting. lolx. =)

I love this piece too... =)

This skirt would have looked so much better if Lena modeled it!
But because we were unable to co-ordinate the photo shoot timing, I modeled for it.
I hope I didn't do a bad job.
And this skirt is for KEEPS because it makes my big butt look slim. =)

I shall go cut my birthday cake now. Cheerios~ =)