The companies reports of good earnings in the first quarter, do you believe these reports? Seriously, if you are risk averse, its not a good time to jump onboard now. The market is confused as far as I can decipher. And listen to no one but yourself in such circumstances. To me, this is not a bear market, neither is it the bull market yet. I personally feel that it is the fish market. =p I've sold half of my portfolio in early april and I am waiting on the sidelines to get back in..... when the market manipulation dies down a bit. =)

Anyway, today has been such a BUSY day! I have uploaded more than 30++ new pieces online. I have packed and mailed all my club subscribers' items. Plus, creating a separate collection for Mother's Day which will be launched at month end. =)

Also, Nicole has called me and told me that she has a new batch of clothes which she wants to pass to me. Yay!

Shall go finish up my mother's day collection.... Ciao~