Ok, I've "survived" the 12 days at TANGS@VIVOCITY. Yay! =) Actually, most of the work was done by lili and I was kept busy designing. Thanks girl, you know I love you tons! =)

The next event will be held during the end of April 2009. I'll keep you peeps updated.

Today I have been busy with Nicole doing the photoshoot and since no one was free, I took on the "job" to be the model.

Check out the collection here : CLOTHES

I kept these for myself....=)

I like this piece because you can wear it as a top or as a dress and
most importantly, I like pieces that would not go out of trend easily! =p

P/s: The photo is a tad too orangey, it came out of the DSLR orangey. =p

I know the Harem Pants are in!!!
But I do not like the cotton harem pants because it looks flimsy to me.
No offence to those who love the cotton harem pants.
I prefer thicker materials like this silky satin harem capris! =)

And I love this piece!!!!
Modeled by Pretty Lena!

Gotta sleep now~ Good night y'all~