I took the whole afternoon of not reading my emails to produce my new collection and I have set a release date and where I am going to release it. Yay.... =) *claps my hands gleefully*

And this round I am 99% sure that it has NEVER been seen online before locally nor overseas. Not yet at least. So this is a hush hush project till the release date. And I promise its not about wiring or different types of pendant making or whatever you may think it is because it is not! Very happy with the end results, all fine-tuned and streamlined.

Anyway, I've not cleared my emails yet, I'll do it tomorrow. I'm sorry people! Its been a brain-wrecking day because this collection is not inspired by anyone, so I need all the RAM and Gigabytes and brain juice to come up with it. =p Cut me some slack for today and I'll reply all my emails by tomorrow I promise. =)

I need a bath and some sleep for now~ Be right back tomorrow!