Today was A BLAST!!!! I launched my new collection and everyone I met was super nice! I love the vibe of having many many many people crowding around and asking me to tell them more about my collection. I enjoyed the mingling and catching up with my regulars. =) Thank you people.... I couldn't have done it without your support. =)

And today, I found out about a new product : Estee Lauder Turbo Mascara.

Product: Estee Lauder Turbo-Effects Motion Mascara

Claim: Battery-operated brush vibrates to create volume, length, curl and separation.

How it is supposed to work : As soon as you twisted the mascara cap off, the mascara wand will begin moving. All you have to do is to touch it to the base of your eyelashes and pull upward through my lashes, and voila! The auto-powered, vibrating brush distributes the mascara lightly on your lashes — with no clumps.

-Quoted from

And now we have seen it all -- first, it was turbo cars and now mascaras are turbo-charged too. I'm wondering what's next on the list! =)