Rumour mongrels like AT cannot make you upset,
because in the end all she said is crap.

You need not run and you need not hide.
You are who you are and there is no crime in that.
You need not be ashamed of a wrong you didn't do.
You shan't be forced into their idea of who you are.

So, go on, spread their half truths.
They can give small minds a reason not to think.
They can say what they please,
But, they can't break or change you.

And all the harm in which she did,
is to herself and her brains indeed.

Written By Beverly.

Such a sweet customer. =)

Quote of the day : "Self praise is no praise but an international disgrace." - Anonymous

P/s : No one can judge you if you do not allow them to and contrary to what you believe, nothing bad is happening to me. Hear says are fake and untruths, so why should I bother myself with untruths? I am doing very well. Thank you. =) If you have anything to say in future, speak to the hand. =)