A: "I feel like a walking pig trotter, oozing out 1 gallon of fats as each minute ticks away."

B : "Go exercise la."

A: "I did, I walked to the toilet and back to the work desk each and every day."

B: "hahhaahaha....."

Ok I admit it, I AM that walking pig trotter! I feel damn fat now although I've only put on 2kg. And the only exercise I have is hmmm... does working my fingers count?! Ok NONE.... I don't swim anymore because no one is free to swim with me, now even that sounds like an excuse. Hhahahahha.... =p

I'll start dieting and losing the 2kg by Monday I promise!!! So I still have enough time to eat more cheesecake/ bak kwa and mcdelivery. BRING IT ON only till tomorrow, I promise. =p

And I feel good... I feel good, I knew that I would now....I feel good, I knew that I would now....So good, so good, I got you (I still have that song in my head... OH NO!!!) =p

Next week on Angelicious Creations, you'll see another side of me, I'm revamping my style again. =) =) =) *rubs my hands* Can't wait to show you peeps what I came up with today!

Shall go sleep now~