The best Valentine's day give is the gift of time. Time to bake a cake together, time to write each other a love note, time to pen down why you love each other so much, time to have a picnic just the two of you, time to sit down and just chat, time to enjoy some champagne just to celebrate your love.....

Some Valentine's Gift Ideas :

1) Get a handmade piece from Angelicious Creations

2) Get a handmade piece from Angelicious Creations


3) Get a handmade piece from Angelicious Creations

Ok I was totally kidding..... hahhahaha =p

Now for the serious part.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas :

1) Make a compilation CD of love songs which totally represents what you feel for your other half. ( Remember the times when you were a teenager? And you have a CD full of your favourite songs? Yup that's the whole idea. ) Or if you could purchase her / him an IPOD and fill it to the brim with all his / her favourite songs, that'll make his/ her day!

2) Make a string of origami cranes with a little love note written inside. So he/she has to open the cranes to see your little note to them. Everyone say : " Awwww....."

3) If you are already married, husbands clean the house and send the kids to your mum's and just spend some quiet time together! Perfect time to really catch up on each other's thoughts!

4) Make a mini slide show with all your happiest moments together and place it on his/ her computer as the screen saver.

5) If it is possible, bring your other half to the place where you first met and tell him/ her why you fell in love with them on that fateful day. =)

6) Get those glow in the dark sticks and arrange them into : I LOVE YOU, leaving them in the bedroom or in the boot of the car. This beats the overly done balloons in the car boot thingy. And of course the bouquet of roses has to be there in the car boot too! *winkz*

7) If you really want to give him/ her flowers, why not hand make some chocolates instead? Recipes for making your own chocolates:

8) Remember the movie - You've got Mail? Snail mail to her a love note!

9) Get an old wine bottle and clean it up, pop in your love note to her and place it in her bathtub filled with bubble bath and all. Invite her to take a bath and she'll find the cute love note! Surprise Surprse!!!! =)

Ok that's all for now~ And remember purchase your handmade gift from ANGELICIOUS CREATIONS!!!!! hahahahahha =)