List of things to do this week:
1) Check on the air tickets YAY YAY!!!!
2) Pay my bills (welcome to the real world, peeps!)
3) Shed off the stupid 2kg or is it 5? Ok I was kidding its 2 kg! =p
I'm done with the extra 2 kg! YAY!!! =)
4) Check in with my people.
5) List out my new ideas on my inspirational board.
6) Get a new notebook to sketch on.
7) Get a pedicure.
8) Send Annabelle for a grooming session.
9) Get dog food.
10) Finish the book that I am reading now. =)

Yup that's it! Hmmm.... long list I see there. =p =p

I'll leave you peeps with something fun for now :

Your Ideal Island Vacation is Nevis

On an island vacation, you need the sun, the beach, the sand, and the ocean.

In other words, it doesn't take much to make you happy. That's what the vacation is for.

Nevis is perfect for a true island vacation aficionado like yourself. It's underrated, small, and laid back.

Sure, it's a slower pace, but that's ideal. You won't be overwhelmed with activities, and you'll take the time to truly relax.

Good night people... or is it Good morning?! =)