I wanted to record this sms exchange which I find super hilarious. =p

Me : OMG...... Trump Entertainment Resorts is expected to file for bankruptcy protection!!! Its all over the news.

P : What he file for bankruptcy AGAIN?

Me : Ok not Donald Trump himself la. Its just his subsidiaries!!

P : Oh I misread it and I thought it was Donald Trump himself.

Me : >.<'''

Anyway Valentine's Day came and went. And to be really truthful we did not celebrate this year because the present I was looking forward to was a report card filled with As. =p Ok, I have to admit, I had lots of surprises like the oreo cheesecake, the latest Adobe photoshop CS 4 and the slipper lobsters which he bought.

I'm trying to get used to the CS 4 because some of the functions seem too "fantastic" to me. =p

Ok back to work~ =) =)