Its been a busy busy 2 weeks so far, packing and unpacking for the moving to my new home. =) And my beading room is already fulled "prepared". Not forgetting I am having an event at Isetan Scotts in Jan 2009 which means busy + busy + busy. Hahaha... not a bad thing I must say.

In fact, everyday, I have to drop by Isetan Scotts and check on the items to be released on that day, and after which I'll swing by the post office to do the daily postage before coming back home to load new items online. =) =)

The dogs are getting used to the new home and I believe their favourite place is the balcony which overlooks the swimming pool. They seem to have lots of fun peering out of the balcony and seeing little kids swim in the pool. Utterly adorable!

So far 2009 has been good.... Let's keep it this way for now!

Till the next post~