Peom by alexia miles (I changed it a bit to suit this situation.)

One dog sitting alone wondering what life will throw at her next
She is a daughter and a mother; she is trying so hard to be her best,
But every now and again she sits and wonders why?
All she has ever wanted was to reach for the sky.
She has a heart of gold and gives her love freely to who needs her.
Everyday she waits for news of friend from somewhere in the world
Sitting waiting for someone- somewhere to take the pain away
Waking up mornings crying and saying “no not again”
She dreams of Tuscany and where she can sit and write
Sun on her back and watch the birds in flight.
Rolling hills and olive groves with fields of green
She’s never been but it’s her dream and wonder if she can make its come true.

profile editor

P/s: Photo was when this 10 year old darling of mine was sitting alone in the living room for more than 3 hours this morning. * I wonder what really goes on in her head when she does these "solitude moments". * =)