My Sentiments About 2008..

Well, what can I add to the already over-used phrase of "It's been a real rocky year!"? Ha ha =)

Perhaps I can say that I never expected the bad economy to affect Singapore all that much, but truth be told I have noticed the impact increasingly over the past few weeks. One speculates if Obama's taking-over of President would be sufficient to negate or, more optimistically, reverse the economic downturn that has radiated painfully from the USA.

Economy aside, my experiences this year have led me to one conclusion: I have to make a purposeful effort to be happy!

I feel that I should live my very short life to the fullest, as per how I would like to live it, and not allow others to affect my mood. This "happiness" that people all seem to covet seems attainable, but only if one particular deed is done: To let go of everything that is bad in your life. Sounds easy, but it's a near impossible task. I'm not even close to accomplishing that yet, but the process of trying has calmed me greatly. I will move on!

Here's a moment to say a big thank you to all who have been a big part of my life in 2008 and in the many more years to come.

I'd just like to encourage readers that bad things are not all necessarily really bad. I can't find the right words to elaborate but a bad thing for me eventually became a good thing and this leads me to believe that obstacles can be turned into opportunities if one is able to take them with an open mind.

I guess this is what they call "Let go and let God."

Wishing all friends a very happy 2009! Let us look forward to a better year ahead!