I went shopping for CNY goodies this morning at Chinatown (I only bought bak gua to be exact) and therefore was very late in uploading items online and very late in delivering new items for release at Isetan Scotts. There's nothing much to prepare for CNY this year because it seems like it would be a quiet CNY this year.

Nothing much has been planned so far and I am not really into the "visiting relatives" thingy. Usually, I try to either avoid the visiting altogether by going on a short holiday or to cut the visit really really short. The reason for this is I am really not interested in their comparison of who has collected the "most" material stuff for this year.

Anyway, I am very very excited because in FEB 2009, I would be launching a whole new collection, like never seen before. Vanessa is my muse and I am surrounding this whole collection around her life, her feelings, her style and I think she looks really really beautiful. And who is this Vanessa I am talking about, it would be revealed very soon. Well, soon enough. =) =)

Another one of the highlights of my week was reading about how the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has decided to compensate the poor old folk who unknowingly spent most, if not all of their life-savings on Lehman Brothers' bonds.

Very understandably, there will be mixed views on this subject, perhaps with the stronger criticism coming from those who did not obtain compensation, whether in whole or in part. We just can't please everyone, can we? (Even the unfortunate Minister of Parliament had suffered injuries from a person who had deemed the MP to have treated him "unfairly".)

My opinion on the matter is as such: I think MAS had done the right thing by fairly evaluating every complaint before coming to a decision; albeit a good decision, mainly providing compensation to the investors who were for the most part elderly, had little income, and lacked proper formal education or investment experience. It was said that many of these old people had listened to the banks' advice to invest their money, without having any way to justify the banks' claims and make an informed decision themselves.

As with are all cases, some people are bound to be overlooked, but the line has to be drawn. I personally believe some situations cannot be avoided, because no matter how much research you do, life somehow always brings the unexpected!

As for myself.. I shall not comment on my own portfolio for now.

And if you are an investor, I wish you good luck and may God bless you and prosper you in 2009! =)