HAPPY CNY PEOPLE! I hope all of you have been having fun so far!!! =)

Ok I have been tagged twice to do this and so here goes....

16 random facts of my life:

1. I started Angelicious Creations in 2006 knowing exactly where I would be heading 2 years later.

2. I have a storeroom filled with beads and pretty charms which I cannot bear to use.

3. I have 2 beautiful dogs -- Annabelle ( the mini schnauzer ) and Baby Nicole ( the shih tzu ).

4. I am addicted to SCV. OMG!!!!! SCV has got to be the best invention besides cars.

5. I love photography. *full stop* Can't say more about this because I am not fantastic at it. =p

6. I do not really like cynical people as their negative energy really gets on my nerves. Ok I shall admit it, I DETEST cynical people!

7. I love to be around positive and passionate people, they inspire me greatly. =)

8. I love re-reading this particular book by Blair.

9. I love the oreo cheesecakes at Bakerzin . Simply divine....

10. I hate driving during the rainy days.

11. I detest traffic jams.

12. I am a shoe addict. Addicted mostly to Aldo heels.

13. I am very thankful for all the people who have been supporting Angelicious Creations all this while. Thank you thank you I could never have gone this far without you people!

14. I am a very curious person; I am always attracted to new things.

15. I color my hair every 5 months or so but I am often more inclined to do the blonde streak style.

16. I am an extrovert. Need I say more?!