I got this clip from "Miss Hot's" personal blog. So touching!

Animals are amazing! Just like how my own dogs can read my mood swings. =p I remembered when I was abused, the dogs were very protective and kept growling. And when I cried, the dogs kissed me and stayed by my side. Truly loved by my dogs. =) =)

Enjoy the clip, folks!

p/s: YAY! The petrol prices are dropping.... sweet~

Quote of the day :
"Do not be awe struck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can be you as efficiently as you can. " - Norman Vincent Peale

Random photo from last week....

I am seriously bulking at the fact that some random FF site is doing the photocopying machine stunt again! *rolls eyes*
( PLEASE NOTE FF is not refering to finicky feline.)

I am talking about someone else and I am not going to make her famous or rather INFAMOUS from my site by linking her.

As mentioned to another fellow beader, Copying or replicating or having similar designs as another beader is much like theft or plagiarism. Can you imagine you going to work and you spent a lot of time writing up a FANTASTIC proposal for your boss and the next morning when you submit to your boss, he/she tells you that someone else has already done the EXACT or similar idea of yours? How would you have felt?

OR that you did your homework and put in a lot of effort and time and research into the essay only to realize that a classmate or mere acquaintance had used your essay and submitted the essay claiming it to be his/hers to the lecturer?

It is the exact same feelings as a beader to see his / her works being replicated like that. It takes much efforts and R&D to design a piece of jewellery. Some people can understand this point of view and some cannot. Seriously, I only seek a small recondition that my designs / ideas have left an impression and therefore a small " inspired by jacq" is sufficient for me. I do not seek huge post-ups with links to my site. It touches my heart that my designs are nice enough to encourage others to bead ( BUT NOT COPY OR REPLICATE SIMILAR ITEMS PLEASE.) and that I have "inspired" or encouraged them on their journey to bead. Therefore I do not think that it is too much to ask to be credited when it is rightfully so. =) =)

Also when talking about replicating, I am talking about my ZILLION WAYS TO WEAR PIECES seen on ANGELICIOUS CREATIONS, or my necklace -cum- earrings pieces, or my wired pieces, my handmade pendants and my latest collection of massive flowers -- I believe I have released this style first in 2007 and now it is replicated by the truckloads. SIMPLE BEADING that can found from beading books are not my legal copyrights.

If you are passionate about something there is no need for outside motivation to do something. It simply shows that you are not passionate enough to come up with your own ideas at all. And I truly pity you! YES YOU - the photocopying machine!

Its time we hold our horses on 'cursing' the Singapore Government because of the rising cost of living. The official inflation of Zimbabwe soared to 2.2 million percent this year.

WHAT IS OUR 6% - 7.5% inflation rate compared to Zimbabwe's 2.2 million %?

Full article on Zimbabwe's inflation rates : News

An extract of the article:

By ANGUS SHAW,Associated Press Writer AP - Friday, July 18

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Official inflation soared to 2.2 million percent in Zimbabwe _ by far the highest in the world _ and has shot as high as 70 million percent in the past year for some basic goods sold on the black market, the state central bank said Thursday.

Sometimes its better to count our blessings. =)

Quote of the day : "When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." - Willie Nelson

"Mistakes and disappointment make the sweet things in life that much sweeter."
- Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

RAWR!!!! I really really seriously wish that the stupid damn crows or whatever birds can stop shitting on my car. I really detest it when there are bird shit stains on my car. Why can't they find another toilet like seriously! Even a small speck of it pisses me off BIG TIME! Because of the acidity of the bird shit, even after washing and polishing and claying, there are still a tinge of yellowish stains. ARGH!!!!!!

Anyhow, the stupid internet connection has been giving me problems since Friday morning and so I went shoe shopping on Friday instead. ALDO is having a 50% sale. OMG~~~~ I bought 2 pairs of pretty heels and placed them in the boot of my car together with 2 of my older pairs of heels and a pair of sneakers, so there are no photos of the pretty new heels yet. =p ( I leave extra shoes in my car so that I can make a quick change if I want to. ) And of course there are other random things like extra sweater, badminton rackets , softball bat etc etc in the car so that I can do whatever I please on a whim. =p

My heart aches when I see Renesis in a not-so-perfect state (the stupid cleaned off stains). So heart pain!

The shopping trip on Friday!!! =)

Bigger eyes due to the false eyelashes...

Kissy kissy~ =)

Oh and I am featured on HER WORLD MAGAZINE 2 and 1/4 pages with one full page of my photo. ( I don't look the same when the make-up is not done by myself.) =p Its in their latest August 2008 issue. =) =) That is the best news so far this week other than the 2 new pairs of shoes. I have a severe shoe fetish. =p hahahhahaa..... But we'll do better next week. =) I'm looking forward to the new week ahead!

Photos from the Her World Photo shoot which occurred in June 2008. =)

Make-up artist and art director doing minor adjustments for me before the shooting begins.

Briefing me on how to pose and the camera man is adjusting the lighting.

Re-adjusting my hair and fixing the hem of the dress.

More touching up...

And pose....

And on print...

Featured on Her World


I had to record this sms. Hahahhaa....

P: What is Love?

Me: Love is when I see you sweaty and smelly and to me, you are still more handsome than Brad Pitt. ( I can't remember where I read this line from.... muhahahhahah)

P: Wah, like that then I very handsome leh.

Me: >_<''' I was just answering your question on what is Love leh, I'm not saying you very handsome leh.

P: .......

hahahahha.... =p

To me, You are perfect!

I spent the weekend watching half naked men hard at work. Hahhahahaha... and in case you are thinking what I think you are thinking... Nope, its not what you think it is. Hmmm confusing! =p

I was watching men playing basketball. And, I learnt something from them.

1) Happiness is not dependent on what you have, but from the confidence you have from within.
2) Happiness is not from having the best but knowing that you are the BEST.
3) Happiness is simply having fun times with your family and friends.

I am not sure why a simple game can teach me so much.