At long last, the event is over!!!!

I am back online for now till I leave for my backpacking trip for 2 weeks. =)

Photos of the event....

A VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came by and visited me at this event. Thank you for the support and kind actions like C.M who bought muffins for me and to the other regulars who bought me drinks and snacks! I truly feel very very blessed to have customers like all of you!! =) =)

P/s: I have the copycat's new quotes sent to me by a customer in my email. I personally do not check her site at all ever since I found out her identity.

To the copycat : I am not as scheming as you are because I did not try to purposely back stab another person unprovoked quite UNLIKE YOU! I did not plan and plot to betray another person who has wholeheartedly befriended me UNLIKE YOU! *Rolls eyes*