When one is talking about small time, one truly means that not much investment financially is placed in the business. I am not talking about being brand less nor do I mean to say that there are no adoring fans. I simply implied that I have invested much much more financially. Simple and that. There is no point in inferring or misunderstanding my simple words, because what I meant to say is stated clearly above. Plus I seriously do not understand your points which you were trying to put across. If the deadline cannot be met then wouldn't it be best to discuss and negotiate a later deadline then to ignore all calls and smses and emails and msn messages? I seriously do not understand this at all. I bear no grunges but am simply baffled at why anyone who would do business would ignore all forms of contact.

Anyhow, I am VERY VERY HAPPY!! Wee~~~ =) =) =)

My latest investment is soaring. Very very very happy!!!! Looks like I do have hindsight after all. =p

Hopefully my predictions for the next 6 months goes according to plan. =)