Heya people! I just came back from the event. =)

A big thank you for pz for the sushi and green tea and to all the VERY NICE PEOPLE I met! All of you really made my day. =) =)

Anyhow I would still be at the event from FRIDAY 26th SEPTEMBER 2008 till SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2008!!!!!

I'll be loading eye candy for FRIDAY 26th SEPTEMBER 2008 at around 11 am. Look out for the special edition series coming up! =) =) There would be quite a few limited edition items which I am releasing ONLY at this event and it would not be SOLD ONLINE AT ALL!

So if you do not want to miss my latest collection, come on down to PLAZA SINGAPURA.

And here's me at today's event :

See ya peeps!

With tons of love,